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Recently, Google has been going through a lot of changes in terms of making the search results more appealing to its users. Why is that happening might have a lot to do with the immense growth of Facebook and other Social platforms, specially after the launch of Facebook Marketplace that took off like a supercharged rocket the very day it went live! Google has to level up to give Facebook Marketplace a hard time, right? All these changes are a way to show other top players in the industry that Google will not stop at any cost and that is why it has maybe decided to be more open with all the data it has on searches coming through Youtube with a user base of 1.5 Billion monthly logged in users, while Google shopping and Google News account for another Billion users they mostly depend on high quality content from publishers and products from merchants to attract traffic. Here comes the important part, why would they open their data now?

Maybe, they are looking at increasing merchants on Google Shopping by enabling people to see what buyers are looking for most? or vice versa, they want more publishers to compete for keywords on Google news to attract traffic to their own websites. While all of this might somewhat be correct and I will put a disclaimer at the bottom, it is happening! Google has opened up search volume data for keywords for all these 3 service i.e. Youtube, Image and Shopping. This is how you can check searches for your business keywords:


  1. Go on

Googel Trends

  1. In the ‘Explore Topics’ search box on top, type your keyword (You can add more than one keyword with a ‘,’ in between the keywords) and press enter, by default you will see results for just Google Search which does not include News, Image, Shopping and Youtube.


  1. In the image below you can see, I have searched for “News” and in the dropdown there is an option for Image, News, Shopping and Youtube search.

This is how you can search for a “Keyword” and get search results. If you face any issues or any problems, feel free to hit me up with your questions and I would be more than glad to answer them.If you like this post, ¬†please do not forget to leave a comment below.


Disclaimer: All the views expressed in the post above are personal and have nothing to do with Google or their strategy for growth.

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