About me

Usman Farooq, a vigorous Digital Media Marketer who through his vast experience in the field of Marketing and Digital Analytics has served a lot of companies at multiple positions as a SEO Consultant, Digital Analytics, Growth Manager & many more, he has performed an absolutely stupendous job in all of them.

Through his excellent marketing research, influential and teamwork skills followed by creativity and imagination, Usman has incredibly catered all the requirements of the various companies so far with his great knowledge in the field of Digital Analytics, Data Analytics and Growth Hacking.

What is Martech?

Helping companies realize the potential of the mix between marketing and technology leading to exponential growth in revenue while optimizing resources, cost and overheads. Understanding the process and core competencies of a business creating a strategy using their existing resources while identifying gaps for growth in both the technology and marketing is the role of a Martech professional.

All about data

Ever wonder what is the recipe to success?

In simple words, for a startup it is execution of its marketing acquisition campaigns. For an established business it is simply the use of its data and understanding of their business model + success factors.