Hi! My name is Usman Farooq. I have been a part of the digital industry for 11 years starting as a junior SEO, I have worked on a multitude of projects in various industries including E-commerce, Service, Health, Publishing, Wholesale and more as an SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant to Search Marketing Manager leading teams from 10 to 30 people increasing ROI on an exponential rate.

I have also served as a paid marketing manager for both Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & more) and Google reducing CPC with almost a decrease of more than 300% and an increase in quality score and relevance for Ads leading to 3 times the ROI.

Data Analytics


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Mississauga, ON
E-mail: me@usmanfarooq.com Phone: (647) 685-7749


Here is a sneak peak at some projects I have worked on.
I provide a wide range of services including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Data Analytics and Web Analytics management. You can get a free personal dashboard with a 100 keyword ranking today... Click Here
SEO is getting complicated day by day due to the addition of technical factors involved in ranking a site on Google, While a lot of people may claim to have ranked on Google before but with the addition of technical factors like Schema Markups, AMP pages and more, ranking on Google is not as easy as it was before. Only an expert SEO with prior experience can help you attain optimum results, contact me now and I assure you any consultancy prior to project signoff is free of cost.
Paid Marketing
Paid Marketing is the quickest and fastest way to get results on your investment, while paid marketing compared to organic marketing is more expensive but the results are much quicker as well. The more money you invest in your Google Adwords campaign, the more the return is. Looking for a good company or consultant is very hard, especially someone who can create, manage and convert customer while providing you a detailed analysis and report on campaign performance.
Data Analytics
Get a complete analysis and detailed report on your campaign performance, find the latest updates and happenings in the SEO world. Get in-depth data analysis on your paid and organic campaigns. Also, get access to a keyword ranking report updated automatically for your ease and to keep a check on your projects on a daily basis. The free ranking report is available not just for a customer, you can get a report by just signing up here on this link!

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